San Leon Energy is a young dynamic and modern company with a keen sense of responsibility to all our stakeholders.

We regard corporate governance and corporate responsibility as two sides of the same coin.

We recognise that we need entrepreneurial flair and technical excellence to grow our business. But we also we need strong financial and legal controls to ensure that we comply with best practice, across all our operations, wherever we work.

These are our guiding principles:

  • Passion about delivering value for our stakeholders
  • Innovation in our commercial and technical activities
  • Commitment to safety across all our operations
  • Energy, speed, and nimbleness in seizing opportunities
  • Responsiveness to the needs of society and to sustainability

As an energy company engaged in oil and gas exploration we inevitably affect our local communities and the natural environment.

We have a programme of activity geared to working well with the local people wherever we operate. And we endeavour to have minimal impact on our natural environment across all our conventional and 'unconventional' oil and gas exploration activities.

Oisin Fanning
Executive Chairman


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