Seismic capabilities

San Leon Energy has its own in-house seismic capabilities which give us considerable competitive advantage.


Seismic acquisition

Novaseis logo

We set up our own seismic company, NoveSeis, to give us the flexibility to acquire high quality seismic at a significantly reduced cost. This enables us to avoid the delays associated with third party contractors.

NovaSeis’s seismic crew can be equipped with both Cable and Wireless recording system to meet the Client’s requirements, terrain and land access or environmental conditions. During our recent seismic acquisition campaigns, we were able to achieve higher rates of production using wireless recording equipment (Geospace Seismic Recorder), compared with traditional, cable systems. NovaSeis can therefore offer more competitive prices, but still supply data of excellent quality. Environmentally, wireless technology has significantly reduced the footprint of our activities.

NovaSeis provides a variety of configurations and a comprehensive selection of source energy to accommodate any terrain. The use of multiple energy sources and receiver types minimizes environmental impact on complex projects. As a main energy source, NovaSeis uses a fleet of Sercel Nomad 65 Vibrators.

For more information, please see the film below and visit NovaSeis's website

Our seismic capability gives our team in the field real-time information enabling them to change parameters dynamically, so reducing operational time and cost.

Seismic processing

Our inhouse seismic processing team uses the latest processing technology, including a toolbox of algorithms from multiple sources, to provide our prospect generation teams with the highest quality data sets. 

Our prospect generation teams are able to provide valuable insights into the local geology and give our processors the optimum data.

Seismic interpretation

San Leon Energy has made significant investment in building an in-house prospect generation team that collaberates accros the entire portfolio of San Leon energy Assets. this team is lead by several experienced and proven prospect generators - the team uses the latest technology.


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