Permian Basin


Cybinka & Torzym

Zechstein "reef" oil in Cybinka and Torzym licences

Recent exploration success has been aided by technological advances in seismic acquisition and processing techniques on neighbouring blocks. PGNiG discovered several oil and gas fields near Gorzów to the north of Cybinka/Torzym in 2003. The largest are the Międzychód and Lubiatów oil fields containing 7 billion m3 of gas and 30 million barrels of crude oil. Other discoveries include Sowia Góra, Grotów and Sieraków deposits, each containing several billion m3 of gas

Prior to Aurelian, part of San Leon Energy Group, acquiring the licences no modern exploration activity had been carried out on the blocks. Several exploration wells have been drilled but these date mainly from the 1960-1970s prior to the acquisition of any seismic data. Although oil shows were frequently encountered and non-commercial flows recorded, no significant discoveries have been made. Seismic acquisition had been confined to 2D data alone with the acquisition vintage ranging between 1977 and 1997.

The more recent 2D data was of good quality and identified the general location of a significant Zechstein anhydrite platform margin, analogous to areas successfully explored elsewhere. Hence the blocks offer Zechstein exploration potential for carbonate targets located both on the anhydrite platform margin and towards the base of the slope.

In October 2010, Aurelian acquired 220km2 of 3D seismic data across the Cybinka and Torzym concessions over the Zechstein 'reef' oil play. The interpretation of this new dataset led to the identification of an inventory of prospects and leads. Seismic impedance inversion was completed to provide a useful tool in assessing reservoir presence and quality along the Zechstein main dolomite play fairway, which is mapped to extend across the full extent of the 3D survey.

Sosna-1, a wildcat exploration well in the Zechstein 'reef' oil play in the Torzym concession, reached planned Total Depth (TD) at 2,455m measured depth (MD) on 21 June 2012 after coring the reservoir section. The well encountered the targeted Permian Zechstein Main Dolomite reservoir at 2,337.8m MD. Over 46 metres of core was recovered with good oil shows. A comprehensive suite of wireline formation evaluation was also completed and the well cased for testing, although wellbore inflow may have been restricted owing to the degree of overbalance exerted by the column of drill fluid.

Further prospects and leads have been mapped within the 3D survey in the emerging "toe-of-slope" play, analogous to the Sulęcin and Lubiatów oil fields to the north. 

Block 207


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