Significant shareholders

Significant shareholders

As of 29th March 2019, San Leon Energy had 455,622,127 ordinary shares in issue.

Shares in issue but not in public hands: 335,464,457 (73.63%)

Director holdings 

NameShares held% Total shares held
Oisín Fanning 9,225,864 2.02%
Ewen Ainsworth 66,666 0.01%

Significant shareholders 

NameShares held% Total shares held
Funds managed by Toscafund Asset Management LLP 326,171,927 71.59%
Midwestern Oil & Gas Company Limited 47,243,590 10.37%
OWG PLC** 19,546,176 4.29%

**Combined holding of OWG PLC and 100 per cent. owned subsidiary Brandon Hill Capital Limited.

Total Investment Solutions SA (“Total”) and Amara Equity Invest SA (“Amara”) were issued 71,487,179 shares in total on behalf of Suntrust in September 2016. The Company received a notice on 1 October 2018 from Midwestern Oil & Gas Company Limited that it was now the registered holder of 47,243,590 of those shares, as shown in the table above. The Company has requested Total and Amara to confirm whether they still have a notifiable interest in the Company.


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