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San Leon Energy is a forefront company, positioned at the cutting edge of the industry. We build our business on being a first mover. That means out-thinking our competitors, exploiting new technologies as early adopters, and moving swiftly to realise opportunities.


To provide affordable and sustainable sources of energy, we need to think differently. This means looking in new places, using new technology most effectively, and also acting quickly to acquire licences and agreements.

We have built our business on just this kind of flexibility. Executive Chairman Oisin Fanning has over 30 years' experience in the energy sector, and has a proven ability to find profitable drilling properties and sign licences. The Executives have built a company that is one of Europe's largest shale gas player's by acreage.

We are also keenly focused on the future. We are currently heavily invested in shale exploration and drilling, because the potential for Europe is enormous. And, in our operations to tap Polish shale gas reserves in the Baltic Basin, we have now introduced advanced wireless seismic monitoring to deliver more reliable exploration data more rapidly. What's more, we are currently investigating a new generation of fraccing fluids that are 100% free of complex and reactive chemicals - in fact, they're drinkable.


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