Energy & environment

Shale gas is a game-changer for Europe. We work in partnership, from the ground up, to help our host nations maximise their potential

Our focus is on the energy needs of Europe.

Central Europe is currently highly dependent on energy imports, with 67% of its natural gas and 80% of its oil supplied by pipeline from the former Soviet Union. The Polish government is keen to remove this security of supply risk, and also recognises that its supply of shale gas could make it a major exporter within Europe.

We are delighted to play a leading role the current energy revolution, brought about by shale. We believe it is remarkable that we can contribute materially to securing the energy future of a continent at such a remarkably low environmental cost.

We also take a lead in educating the public on fraccing issues, and we always welcome debate. Please feel free to contact us with any additional information or questions you may have.


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