Our acquisitions have given us the opportunity to rapidly grow our asset base, while leveraging our management and technical expertise to deliver shareholder value.


Our four acquisitions to date:

Gold Point Energy - 2009

We grew our portfolio significantly with this, our first acquisition, which brought us major, high-potential unconventional gas concessions in Poland's Baltic Basin. We also gained a team of hugely talented petroleum geologists, led by Dr John Buggenhagen.

Island Oil & Gas - 2010

This brought us conventional offshore assets in the Atlantic Margin and Celtic Sea of Ireland, as well as onshore and offshore assets in Morocco, and offshore assets in Albania.

Realm Energy - 2011

This acquisition delivered a further 464,000 acres of Poland's Baltic Basin. In addition, Realm brought us significant acreage in Spain, Germany and applications in France. All of this acreage has added significantly to our unconventional oil and gas prospects.

Aurelian Oil & Gas - 2013

On 25 January 2013, San Leon acquired the Aurelian group of companies by way of a scheme of arrangement. This acquisition delivered a combined gross acreage of over 4.5m acres and one of the largest upstream asset positions in Poland, with further licences in Romania and Slovakia completing a diversified range of opportunities.


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